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Kids & Juniors

Joann Art Studio wants our students to achieve their maximum potential, without pressure to perform. JAS teach them how to see things in their simplest forms-shape, and show them how to recreate them in drawing or paintings. Through this process, our goal is to equip each student with the skills and confidence to be able to create anything they want, using any medium they wish.

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Intensive & Advanced


The basic drawing consists of some of the following techniques; the use of shape; positive and negative space; proportion; blending and texturing for a realistic appearance; and the use of thumbnail sketches-breakdowns. The basic painting consists of some of the following elements: color theory including primary, secondary, and complementary colors; color washes, dry brush, stippling, and splattering techniques; and glazing, masqueing, blending and lifting techniques. In addition to drawing and painting, Joann Art Studio teach students how to set up and clean up their own workstations and to respect the materials they use. As students complete projects, they learn to see and create like an artist and gain a sense of accomplishment.  In most cases, this carries over into academic success, improving motor skills, attention span, and overall knowledge.

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A portfolio is one of the most important factors that decide whether or not a student is accepted into a college and if he or she should be given a scholarship. Each of the schools has its own personalities and their own ways of admission, and the students at Joann Art Studio will be able to prepare for specific colleges they choose to apply to. There are differences in requirements between the colleges, but overall, students would prepare around 20 portfolio pieces. Portfolios include pieces using various materials to show technique and experimentation(70%), and pieces based on the student's major and the school's requirements. Joann Art Studio concentrates on helping students create a portfolio unique to the student's personality and creativity rather than the techniques. 

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Adults Classes


Class is scheduled & designed for each students status management 
Mixed mediums: drawing, color pencil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic, oriental brush painting and more. A chance to participate in Joann Art Studio's annual student exhibition

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