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Image by Sema Martin

 2023 Summer Camp Program  

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Studio of Artist Sema Martin at https___

 2022 Summer Camp Program 

JAS Summer Program - 5-15-21 - 2-52 PM_e

Joann Art Studio is offering different types of art classes this summer! These classes allow students to learn the skills and about the different fields within the art world.

Image by Taylor Heery

Junior Class

 Sun-Wed Class 


 Film & Sound 

 2022 Class 



 Tue, Thurs-Sun Class 

Shaping Clay

 Giant Crafts & Clay 

 2022 Class 

Clothes Hanging

 Fashion Design

2022 Class

Designing on a Tablet

 Graphic Design 

 2022 Class 

If you have any questions, contact us by clicking on the button below.

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