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 Graphic Design Class

Class Objective:

Learning and practicing tools and techniques from Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator to create a digital, mixed media poster or self-portrait collage

Image by KOBU Agency

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What the Class Will Cover:

Adobe Photoshop: 

  • Basic understanding of pixels, RGB, CMYK

  • Understanding of layers and forms

  •  Masks, wand tool

  • Filters, alpha channels, overlay, multiply, etc.

  • Effects: Color, stroke, drop shadow, emboss, etc.

  • Color picker, gradient

  • Stamp tool

  • Using the brush tool

  • Pen tool

  • Typography exploration

Adobe Illustrator: 

  • Concept of a vector

  • Usage of Pen Tool and creating shapes

  • Concept of masking

    • Clipping Mask

    • Opacity Mask

    • Draw Inside   

  • Typography Manipulations

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