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Film & Sound Class: Object As Portal 

Class Objective:

An object can become a portal to various stories. How many memories, sounds, colors, textures, etc can you think of, from your object? With the data you've gathered, we will make a video, film, or animation piece inspired by your object. 

Base Material Needed:
  • Some sort of camera or image making device (point and shoot camera, cell phones with camera, dslr, etc) 

  • Computer with Adobe Premiere or iMovie. 

  • Other materials/props you would need to collect for your film.

  • Judy Kim

Filming a Music Video
Class Timeline:

Week 1

Getting to know your object

  • Explore what your relationship with this object is particularly. Why were you drawn to this object? What do you find interesting about this object? Is there a narrative to your object? Look into the history of your object. The name? Where does it originate from? Where does it live naturally? Do you have any memories attached to this object?

  • Explore the outer layer of your object. What are the textures and the colors you can find? Does it have a protective cover? Is it contained in its outer layer? Is it connected to its inner layer? What is the function of its outer layer? Explore the inner layers of your object. What is this object made of? Is it squishy? Hard? Structured? Empty? Can you see the inner layers of your object?

  • Explore the mechanics of this object? Study, imitate, and describe its mechanics and function. Explore the movements of your object. Does it have movement on its own? Is it affected by gravity? Will it move in some time? Is it light or heavy? Does it breathe? Does it jump? Or, does it roll?

Watch List: 

  • Tomato by Caitlin Craggs (Available on Vimeo) 

  • The Coin by Siqi Song (Available on Vimeo) 

  • Knife Hanging from a Tree by Jihee Nam (Available on Vimeo) 

  • Routine by Frank Lebon

Skill learned: Learning to form narratives. Practicing to find visual elements to work with from an object. 

Week 2 

Building your story

  • Build a storyboard and start making!

  • Learning about the basic concept of frames per second

Skill learned: Various animation or video making techniques. Learning to understand how movement works in camera. Basic understanding of framing. 

Week 3

 Work day
(Continued from week 2)

Skill learned: File structure and editing.  

Week 4 

What does your object sound like?

  • Explore the sound of your object. What kind of sounds is your object able to produce? Can it make sounds on its own? What sounds does it make if you hit it like a drum, or blow into it like an instrument? What pre-existing sounds does this object remind you of?

Watch List 

  • Dancing Variations by Judy Kim (Available on Vimeo) 

  • Reel by Jihee Nam 

  • Extra examples provided by instructor


Skill learned : Basic sound design and idea of recording. 

Week 5

 Work day

  • Finish working on films!

Week 6

Exporting your film

  • How to export your files!


Skill learned: Exporting video with audio 

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